What is NVIDIA Holoscan Platform?

The NVIDIA Holoscan platform is a domain-specific AI computing platform designed specifically for the development of medical devices. Its primary function is to provide a comprehensive infrastructure that facilitates scalable, software-defined, real-time processing of streaming data at the edge. This means that it is optimized for handling vast amounts of data in real time, making it particularly suitable for medical applications where timely data processing is crucial.

NVIDIA Holoscan Features & Benefits

  1. Full-Stack Infrastructure: NVIDIA Holoscan offers a complete infrastructure that allows developers to build AI-enabled devices and deploy AI applications directly into clinical settings. This is especially important in the medical field, where devices need to operate seamlessly in various clinical environments.
  2. Developer Productivity: The platform provides access to domain-specific reference applications, accelerated libraries, and high-performance microservices. This ensures that developers have all the tools they need to create efficient and effective medical AI applications.
  3. Deployment and Security: One of the standout features of the Holoscan platform is its emphasis on security and ease of deployment. It incorporates the latest in embedded device security, allowing for remote provisioning and management. This means that product updates can be delivered remotely, providing flexibility in expanding business models.
  4. Medical-Grade Certification: The platform is designed with medical certification standards in mind, specifically IEC 60601 and 62304. This ensures that any device developed using the Holoscan platform meets the rigorous standards required for medical devices.
  5. Long-Term Support: NVIDIA promises a customizable platform with a decade of hardware and software support. This long-term support ensures product longevity, a critical factor for medical devices that need to remain operational for extended periods.
  6. Sensor Processing: A significant feature of the Holoscan platform is its ability to process sensor data rapidly. It includes optimized libraries for various tasks, from network connectivity to AI. Developers can use the SDK to build data processing pipelines that meet specific latency requirements, ensuring that data is processed in real-time, whether in a data center or at the edge. Create and run low-latency data-streaming applications using either C++, Python, or Graph Composer.
NVIDIA Holoscan Platform Structure

Build AI Enabled Medical Devices with Holoscan

The NVIDIA Holoscan platform accelerates the entire medical device development process, from training AI models to deploying them for commercial production. Developers can build containerized AI applications using the NVIDIA Holoscan SDK and MONAI. Furthermore, the NVIDIA IGX developer kit aids in the streamlined deployment of these AI applications in next-gen devices.

Holoscan SDK and MONAI

The Holoscan SDK is a tool that enhances developer productivity by offering real-time AI processing capabilities, support for various platforms, and access to pretrained models. On the other hand, MONAI is an open-source medical AI framework that bridges the gap between doctors and data scientists. It accelerates the integration of AI into medical devices by facilitating the training of deep learning models for medical workflows.

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit

The NVIDIA IGX Orin is a scalable computing platform tailored for medical devices. It allows developers to build, verify, and validate AI applications for medical devices. Its design ensures high performance while maintaining the size and power constraints required for edge devices.

NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit

Why Use the NVIDIA Holoscan Platform?

In the rapidly evolving field of medical technology, the need for robust, secure, and efficient AI platforms is paramount. The NVIDIA Holoscan platform addresses this need by providing a comprehensive solution for developing AI-enabled medical devices. Its emphasis on real-time data processing, security, long-term support, and medical-grade certification makes it an ideal choice for developers aiming to revolutionize the medical field with AI-powered devices. 

For instance, imagine a scenario where a wearable medical device can monitor a patient’s vitals in real-time, process the data on the edge, and provide instant feedback to healthcare professionals. Such applications can be made possible with the capabilities of the NVIDIA Holoscan platform.


The NVIDIA Holoscan platform is a comprehensive solution designed to accelerate the development and deployment of AI-powered medical devices. By offering advanced tools, long-term support, and adherence to medical standards, it ensures that the integration of AI into the medical field is both efficient and trustworthy.

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